Feel Better in Your Body

Price – sliding scale: $15.00 – $30.00

A sampler of organ embodiment, fascial fitness, shaking, spiraling, strengthening, and stretching. Includes moves inspired by contemporary Pilates, Flow Movement, and various Somatics practices. Have your stretchy band (5-10 feet long), squishy ball (7-9 inch diameter – not fully inflated), hand weights (1-3 pounds) and long, thin towel (beach towel) ready to go.

A scientifically proven tactic for improving your movement efficiency and decreasing pain is improved body awareness through experiential anatomy. Experiential anatomy is the study of the embodiment of all the major systems of the body. Rather than simply learning anatomical details and names it is helpful to experience and understand how our design works. You will learn and embody how your body is designed to function; practically in posture, movement and breathing. This understanding can be applied to any discipline or training, to identify strength and weaknesses and accelerate improved function and performance. The practice of experiential anatomy combines a cognitive, conceptual understanding of anatomy with direct subjective experience of the tissues that make up the body systems. When we bring awareness to an anatomical system or a specific tissue of the body, we are simultaneously contacting and affecting the energetic system. Visualization focuses ones awareness and is a primary practice of directing intention. It changes habitual patterns of response in the nervous system, opening new pathways of experience and perception.