About Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise that creates length and tone in the muscles rather than bulk. The initial focus of the work is core control and accessing your deep muscles. The style of the program I will develop for you depends on your needs, goals and interests.  Workouts vary from quite slow in pace (similar to physical therapy), to very choreographed and dance-like, to strong and athletic based.

Because of my background in a variety of somatic and exercise practices, I am able to develop modifications and variations that will allow for many different fitness levels and physical abilities.  Often, because one doesn’t know how to access the deeper musculature that works to stabilize the joints we overuse our stronger superficial muscles and overlook our weaker support structure which could lead to injury. My goal is to teach you how to stretch and release tight muscles and how to wake up and tone weak ones.

Benefits include:

In your first session, expect to feel muscles you didn’t know were there!  I will teach you what comprises your “core” and take you through some basic exercises to help you get a handle on the fundamentals of Pilates.  You will do a combination of mat work and equipment work to get a little taste of what is possible and to give me a chance to assess what your body needs.

There are hundreds of different exercises and modifications in the Pilates repertoire so you can’t say “I’m not flexible enough,” or “I need to get in shape before starting Pilates.”  This is a great way to achieve both!