Working with Olivia has been a transformative experience. The way in which I engage with myself as I pursue my physical goals has shifted for the better. I am more kind, more loving, and more soft with myself; which leads me to be more consistent in my practice. My knowledge about anatomy and functionality has drastically improved. Olivia is a malleable guide. I love her ability to offer multiple perspectives to achieve the same impact. She might send me a more scientific explanation one day and continue to give me that perspective if I’m feeling it. But if I’m not, then she might provide me similar information from a kinetic or energetic perspective.

— Quilan Arnold, dancer-choreographer, onCUE Chronicles

I suffered from severe arthritis in both hips for about 7 years and in 2018 and 2019 I had both my hips replaced. In addition in 2021 while still in recovery for both hips I broke, dislocated and tore the ligaments in my right ankle. Olivia was instrumental in my recovery for both hips and ankle. 

Olivia’s technique is nothing short of extraordinary. Oliva possess an innate ability to locate areas of tension and imbalance, easing discomfort and promoting healing. Her insightful guidance helped me regain mobility, strength, and confidence. What sets Olivia apart is not only her ability to translate her knowledge but to patiently explain the connections, technique and philosophy of the particular movement or strengthening exercise taught to me.  Through her intuitive awareness, she was able to identify and address not only the physical aspects of my healing process but also the energetic elements that are often overlooked. This provided me with a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship with my body and its connectivity to spirit and energy. This newfound awareness enabled me to make conscious choices that supported my healing process and nurtured my confidence and spiritual growth.

I am eternally grateful for Olivia’s dedication, guidance, and unwavering support throughout my healing journey. I want to express my profound gratitude for Olivia and acknowledge her exceptional insight and intuitive knowledge of not only just the body and its mechanics but the history of the techniques of mentors that have inspired her to share her gift of health and wellness. On top of that she is a humble and gracious spirit. She has truly been a catalyst for positive change in my life and the best part is now I have a dear friend. 

— Rennie Harris, professional Street Dancer, choreographer, Rennie Harris Pure Movement, Rennie Harris University

Olivia’s knowledge of the body is encyclopedic. She has helped me with so many problems, from aches, pains and strained muscles to postural and alignment issues, all while educating me about how the body works. Olivia is possibly more committed than I am to my physical health. It’s clear to me she has a long-term plan for my continual improvement. At the same time, I am always grateful for her ability to work on the fly, improvising a session in response to whatever complaint I present to her when I walk in the door. Most important to me is knowing that she is helping me steadily improve my alignment, flexibility, resilience, balance, and overall body health.

— Dane Newlove

Pilates with Olivia is truly life-changing in beautiful and subtle ways.  Her intuitive and keen observation paired with vast multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience makes for incredible work together that has given me increased body awareness and better functionality in everything I do.  I dealt with back injuries and limitations for a long time. Slowly and surely after working with Olivia, I’m now stronger and smarter about how I move and how I exercise and able to do mostly everything I want.  And most importantly, she makes it fun.  I recommend Olivia to ANY body!

— Dany Mimi, dancer and ASL/Protactile interpreter

Working with Olivia has helped me to regain muscle tone after surgery. Her knowledge is extensive, as is her expertise in rehabilitative exercises. She is extremely focused and sensitive; she knows exactly how hard to push me without causing any harm. In addition, her upbeat personality and positive demeanor are motivating. She truly enjoys her work and is sincere in helping her clients reach their goals. I never feel like I am just another appointment. She really takes an interest in my progress and well-being.

— Sondra Lomax, University administrator and former dancer

I have been a client with Olivia for over a decade. As my physical needs have changed from being a dancer to a desk worker, Olivia’s application of expertise has shifted to accommodate my physical concerns. I have worked with many movement experts, but I have found no one with a finer eye, sensory awareness or insatiable love for continual learning to consistently bring new depth and insight to our sessions. In the industries of movement, fitness, therapy and well-being practices Olivia sets the gold standard.

— Tina Curran, dancer-scholar

Olivia’s presence and attentive focus throughout every moment in class, her genuine care for all of her students, and her fun, can-do energy make every visit to her studio rewarding. Her ability to help her students be aware of how to execute the smallest details of an exercise makes her special. I always leave class with Olivia feeling longer, stronger, relaxed, centered and happy.

— David Modigliani, Creative Director, Flow Nonfiction

I herniated 2 discs in my lower back when I was 12 years old. Now 30 years old with nearly 2 decades of bad habits, I have tried everything, chiropractors, yoga, Bikram, massage, acupuncture. Surgeons want to operate. Working with Olivia, I have found someone whom I trust to be sensitive to my injury while giving me the tools to heal with a long term perspective.

— Nano Whitman, musician

Olivia is wonderful at explaining movements or positions in ways that make sense intuitively. Sometimes she draws on anatomical language or imagery, but just as often she will use more everyday language–or gestures, or touch–to help me visualize how to move. I can see and feel my body in space in ways I can’t otherwise. She always remains both patient and challenging: a perfect combination!

— Alison, college professor

Olivia has an exceptional ability to read me as I enter the room. She ‘listens’ quietly then allows her body-mind artistry to take the reins and we’re off on a ride of mutual discovery. Appropriate challenges and fun help govern this ride. Olivia often finds unique pathways to untie my physical as well as emotional and psychological entanglements. I leave feeling seen, loved, complete – every time.

— Pat Stone, dance instructor and somatic practitioner