Rennie Harris University Movement Medicine

Price – sliding scale: $10.00 – $25.00

Moderate to severe back or joint pain commonly plague street dancers, and medical intervention often provides only a temporary fix. Longevity is born from consistency and awareness, not intensity. The RHU Movement Medicine collection offers a sampling of classes devised by Olivia O’Hare based on decades of work and research in a broad spectrum of exercise systems.

The classes designated as “sweat” include sequences based in Contemporary Pilates Mat work (Stott and John Garey Pilates specifically) and Buti Yoga with and without small props combined with principles from the Franklin Method, Body Mind Centering, Anatomy Trains in Motion, as well as various other somatic practices. A sampler of organ embodiment, fascial fitness, plyometrics, cardio dance, shaking, spiraling, strengthening, and stretching.

The classes designated as “foundation” are geared toward experiential anatomy related to the specific needs of street dancers, including knowledge of self care for the lumbo-pelvic region, hip/knee/ankle, as well as the neck and shoulders. Experiential anatomy is the study of the embodiment of all the major systems of the body. Rather than simply learning anatomical details and names it is helpful to experience and understand how our body works.

A few “snack” length (15-30ish minutes) flow sequences conducive to deep strength and dynamic flexibility are included as well.

By following along to the classes included in this collection, you’ll understand how to train smarter, not harder, and learn tools you may incorporate into your own personal and pedagogical practice to prepare your body for dancing with less potential for injury and pain.