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Scroll down this page and click on the thumbnail image for the video you are interested in. You will be prompted to “Sign in” with your monthly subscription or “Rent this video”.

Full Video Library Subscribe

“Video Library Access” includes access to recordings of most live classes from the summer of 2020 through winter 2022. 

The first seven days are free, then cost is $40 per month (renews every 30 days – you can cancel at any time with no further obligation)

You may also choose from three separate bundle options tailored more to your needs – click on any of the video icons found below and you will be prompted with the following options as:

Featured Library Memberships

Rennie Harris University Movement Medicine

Sliding scale $10-$25 per month – includes a sampling of classes from all the video library collections geared towards injury prevention for dancers

Pilates Mat Work Variations Plus

Sliding scale $15-$30 per month – includes the Pilates Mat Work Variations, Let’s Move!, Standing Mat Work, Sandow Variations, and Movement Snacks collections – generally moderate to fast paced and a higher level of body awareness/coordination recommended

Feel Better in Your Body

Sliding scale $15-$30 per month – includes Full Body Wake Up, Experiential Anatomy, Liberate Your Spine, Free Your Hips, and Pelvic Power collections – generally slow to moderate paced and most classes require little to no weight bearing on hands and knees

When you purchase a Class Package or series of private sessions or are an RHU cohort you are eligible to receive a discount code for $5 off monthly subscription access!  Please email Olivia at to receive the discount code.

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