Working with Olivia has helped me to regain muscle tone after surgery. Her knowledge is extensive, as is her expertise in rehabilitative exercises. She is extremely focused and sensitive; she knows exactly how hard to push me without causing any harm. In addition, her upbeat personality and positive demeanor are motivating. She truly enjoys her work and is sincere in helping her clients reach their goals. I never feel like I am “just another appointment.” She really takes an interest in my progress and well-being.
— Sondra Lomax, University administrator and former dancer

Olivia’s presence and attentive focus throughout every moment in class, her genuine care for all of her students, and her fun, can-do energy make every visit to her studio rewarding. Her ability to help her students aware of how to execute smallest details of an exercise make her special. I always leave class with Olivia feeling longer, stronger, relaxed, centered and happy.
— David Modigliani, Creative Director, Flow Nonfiction

I herniated 2 discs in my lower back when I was 12 years old.  Now 30 years old with nearly 2 decades of bad habits, I have tried everything, chiropractors, yoga, Bikram, massage, acupuncture.  Surgeons want to operate.  Working with Olivia, I have found someone whom I trust to be sensitive to my injury while giving me the tools to heal with a long term perspective.
– Nano Whitman, musician

I am very happy to have Olivia as an integral part of my health and fitness team. I am continually amazed at the level of precision in her observations. She has helped me work through fresh injuries with much insight and care.  I plan to continue with Olivia long term.
— Ross Bee, rancher

Olivia is wonderful at explaining movements or positions in ways that make sense intuitively. Sometimes she draws on anatomical language or imagery, but just as often she will use more everyday language–or gestures, or touch–to help me visualize how to move. I can see and feel my body in space in ways I can’t otherwise.
She always remains both patient and challenging: a perfect combination!
— Alison, college professor

I’ve seen Olivia for about 9 months now.  She has developed a personal routine for me that addresses my need for safe workouts for the lower body.  I am in a wheelchair currently, so her knowledge of the body and her experience in working in a physical therapy environment are what keep me coming back.  She doesn’t let me get by with sloppy movements and gives me lots of feedback. It keeps me on track to reaching my goals.
— Active woman in her 50s in a wheelchair

If you’re looking for a professional, informed, results-oriented provider for your physical aches, pains, and imbalances, along with an amazing transformation in the way you look, feel and think, look no further. Pilates by Olivia is your answer. I discovered Pilates by Olivia about six months ago. Following an extensive personal evaluation of my needs, Olivia designed a comprehensive two day a week regimen for me.  I immediately began experiencing visible changes in my overall body symmetry, muscle strength, countour, endurance, balance, and focus that I’ve never able to achieve through traditional personal training.  No where else will you find such an amazing combination of talent, training, and dedication.
— Donah